What I like about Brosix

If you have never heard of Brosix you are not in tune with the instant messaging industry. Brosix is a feature packed enterprise instant messaging software that is best if used in a corporate setting.

So what makes Brosix so much better than the competition? In my opinion, the best thing about this software is the ability to for companies to create their own network. This allows control over users, while also keeping things as organized as possible. Additionally, a backend online control panel allows the administrator to manage users.

Since security is a big issue for many companies it is important to use an instant messenger that offers the ability to create a private network. In addition to keeping your company and information safe, a private network increases employee productivity because there is no chance for outside conversations to take place.

When you compare the many features of Brosix to the competition it is easy to see that they are above and beyond the majority of players in the industry. Just a small sampling of some of their top features include: video conferencing, screen sharing, and voice chatting. Of course, basic IM tools are also available for those who do not want to expand into the finer features just yet.

There is a lot to like about Brosix. Once you give this enterprise instant messenger software a chance you will realize what it can do for you and your company in terms of productivity, security, and much more.