An Intro to Instant Messaging Benefits

Companies that allow employees to use instant messages to communicate have found this to be a great thing. On the same token, those who are not yet caught up may feel that this is a waste of time. The only way for you to make a decision as to what instant messaging has to offer is to learn more about the benefits.

1. Time efficient. There is no denying that sending an instant message is quicker than making a phone call, sending an email, or walking to the office of another. If employees within your company are always wasting time, you should consider implementing an instant messaging system.

2. Easy to use. Are you under the impression that using an instant messenger will call for a long training session? If so, you are 100 percent wrong. You can easily implement an instant messaging application today, and have every employee on the same page within a day.

3. It doesn’t cost. This may be the biggest benefit of instant messaging. You do not have to pay to find a good tool. Instead, you can download the proper instant messaging program, create a network, inform employees, and then monitor the results. Nowhere along the line do you have to spend any money.

These are three basic benefits of instant messaging. Now how do you feel about letting employees use this form of communication?