How to Avoid IM Arguments

Do you make it a habit to communicate with coworkers via IM? You should use this tool for communicating, but only in a good way. In other words, you never want to argue via IM. Instead, you should use instant messages as a way to collaborate and better your efficiency at the office.

Here are three ways to avoid IM arguments:

1. If you feel one coming on you should get off of IM immediately. From there, call the other party on the phone or walk to their office. It is better to avoid an argument on IM than to let things boil over.

2. Never talk about anything that could turn into an argument. Avoid sensitive topics. For instance, you may have a different vision than somebody else on an upcoming project. If they want to talk about it on IM you will be better suited telling them no and suggesting another option.

3. Don’t be “tricked” into an argument. Believe it or not, some people have no problem saying stuff on IM that they would never utter in person. You want to avoid coworkers who will talk down on you and argue via IM. Instead, tell them that you feel more comfortable speaking in person. This should curb their enthusiasm for an argument rather quickly.