Two Ways to creatively use Instant Messages

There used to be a time when instant messaging was only for teenagers who wanted to stay in touch after school and on the weekends. Things have changed quite a bit since then, and companies such as Brosix have helped to make sure that instant messaging is a useful tool in the workplace as well.

While sending short notes will always be a big part of the IM scene, there are ways to get more creative. Here are two ways to creatively use instant messaging:

1. Get everybody together in a chat. Instead of a conference call or in-person meeting, using an instant messaging chat room to discuss all the details on your current agenda. This may be a bit of a change at first, but over time you will see the benefits. Not only is this quick and easy, but by saving a transcription of the entire meeting you can have records indefinitely while also sharing with those who were not available.

2. Service customers via instant messages. This may be a bit tricky, but until you try it out you will never know what it can do for you. Why not send an email to all your customers asking if they want to join your instant messaging network? Chances are that a few of them will take you up on this offer.

Now do you see how instant messaging is used for more than personal communication? Believe it or not, IM in the workplace is on the rise and there is no stopping this trend.