What to look for in an Instant Messaging Tool

With so many instant messaging tools available some people have a difficult time deciding which one to use. There is nothing wrong with being in this position; you are not alone. But remember, you cannot let this stop you from installing and using the proper application.

There are many things to look for in an instant messaging tool. Here are three details that you must consider before making a choice:

1. Ease of use. No matter who you are you need to use an instant messenger that is easy to understand and use on a regular basis. Do your homework so you know which programs are most user friendly.

2. Installation. It is important to choose an instant messaging tool that can be easily installed on your computer. And if you are selecting a program for your entire office, you need to make sure that the installation on more than one computer will be just as simple. Fortunately, most of the newer instant messengers do not call for a computer genius to install them.

3. Features. What features are being offered? Teenagers may not worry much about this point because they only want an IM tool that allows them to communicate with friends, such as AIM. But for a business setting, features such as chat rooms are very important. This is why Brosix and Skype have had so much success within the corporate environment.